Revision History

  • NavMonPc v1.19 June 11, 2016
    • MOB and General alarms can be sent to either/both serial ports A and B (general alarms include AIS, waypoint, depth, anchor, wind, etc.)
    • Serial ports A-D now have selectable auto-restart on loss of input data
    • Target Boat Speed is displayed in the log with two decimal places (n.nn)
  • NavMonPc v1.18 December 13, 2013
    • Added Apparent Wind stripcharts
    • Added NMEA HDM generator

  • NavMonPc v1.17 Bug found, use v1.18
  • NavMonPc v1.16 Bug found, use v1.17
  • NavMonPc v1.15 Not released
  • NavMonPc v1.14 Not released
  • NavMonPc v1.13 November 6, 2012
    • RapidAIS Server is now enabled, no license required
    • Added calibration for Depth, Temperature, AWS, TWS, STW, HDG, AWA, TWA
    • Explicit route captured NMEA now inherits the existing default port routing (can be edited later).
    • Depth offset wasn't working. Fixed
    • TWS was not always displayed properly. Fixed.
    • Bugs in NMEA route table fixed. Now saves and restores properly with alpha or reverse-alpha sorted table.
  • NavMonPc v1.12 July 11, 2012
    • AIS alarm: non-persistant option
    • AIS MOB beacon shows as alarm and MOB icon
    • AIS alarm: new sound file: Alarm3.wav
    • Modified NMEA DBT decoder to handle zeroes in unused fields (not legal NMEA, but that's what some depthsounders put out)
    • Coastline chart bug fix
    • Fixed routing file reading and writing format bug
  • NavMonPc 1.11 Oct 25, 2011
    • Added relative MWV NMEA generator (already had true variant)
    • Added AIS target list
  • NavMonPc 1.10 Sept 15, 2011
    • Added "Disable AIS" and "Disable Stripcharts" options (see General Options)
    • Added 24-hour scale to stripcharts
    • Stripchart buttons improved
    • Stripcharts now save and restore chart data on exit, restart (unless enough time has elapsed that chart data would be off the screen)
    • Added three more virtual serial ports (six total). New format routing config file, but will read old one.
    • The GPS Date display now matches the format set by the computer's internationalization settings (mm/dd/yyyy or dd/mm/yyyy)
  • NavMonPc 1.09 March 4, 2011
    • Added iNavx / iPod mode to TCP/IP server -- this ignores apparently-dropped connections (not a good solution, but the best I've got for now.)
    • Increased max server connections from 10 to 20
    • Added NMEA "RMB" waypoint message generation option (see Options / NMEA Options). This generates the message from the user-entered waypoint data
  • NavMonPc 1.08 November 7, 2010
    • Fixed file playback blank-line crash problem.
    • Added option to set missing Course/Speed values to zero (see NMEA Options).
  • NavMonPc 1.07 October 2, 2010 (re-release, Oct 1 version was broken)
    • Fixed GLL and ZDA decoding.
    • Fixed bug in file playback speed-control loop.
  • NavMonPc 1.06 Sept 11, 2010
    • NMEA timeout increased to 20 seconds, because of 15-second gaps in ACR Class-B transponder RMC output.
    • Fixed bug in time to go display on waypoint dial. Rollover problem @ 1 day.
    • Saving serial port settings even if port doesn't exist.
    • fixed problem in "Route" sub with ASC() call (was erroring with some inputs, I had commented out "On Error" processing)
    • NMEA sentence DPT now accepts empty transducer offset field
    • Fixed: AIS "VDM" messages from file playback don't get routed to outputs??? (see routing, bug located)
  • NavMonPc 1.05 July 2, 2010
    • Triggers MOB on reception of RMB MOB waypoint: $M1RMB,A,0.000,L,0000,MOB,3751.5433,N,12228.8815,W,0.000,208.1,-0.1,A,A*6C
    • Corrected parsing of units (C, F) in temperature message: IIMTW,27.0,C*15 $IIMTW,77.0,F*14
    • Added noise filter for depth alarms (see "Options / Filters")
  • ' NavMonPc 1.04 May 17, 2010
    • Corrected MWV Generator to use "N" as "Knots" indication (was using "K", which is km/s).
    • Added full-window NMEA monitoring
    • Unformatted number option for spreadsheet log
    • Displays proper data when *only* magnetic information is available.

  • ' NavMonPc 1.03 March 28, 2010
    • RapidAIS license no longer required.
    • Now saving AIS track options
    • Added "MOB" NMEA routing option for WPL and BWC (waypoint) messages (these also trigger AIS MOB target entry and display)
      • (these also trigger AIS MOB target entry and display)
    • Added NMEA sentence decoding for XDR (transducer). Works with CruzPro VAH30 format, needs more work to generalize.
    • V, A, Ah optionally written To Log, no other display yet
  • ' NavMonPc 1.02.1 March 19, 2010
    • Fixes a bug in RapidAIS license entry
  • ' NavMonPc 1.02 March 10, 2010 (removed from downloads)
    • Now saves entire RapidAIS database on program close when data file is manually loaded by user, otherwise only saves new records.
    • Using 2010 Geomag model (valid 2010 - 2014)) – used to calculate magnetic variation (deviation)
    • COG = HDG option – this substitutes HDG for COG, when COG is lost (which happens with some GPS units when the SOG is very low). This is under “Options / General Options”
    • User-entered HDG option– (Options / General Options) One fellow is using NavMonPc to remotely monitor the windspeed at his boat while it is on the hard. This lets him hand-enter the heading so the wind direction displays correctly.
    • Restored AIS "Decode VDO" debug option– useful I suppose if your AIS transponder is the only source for position, course, speed.
    • Internationalization of text functions added – See
    • Fixed bug in AIS track display
    • more debug features
  • ' NavMonPc 1.01 Jan 31, 2010
    • Fixed a bug where the RapidAIS database was not being saved on program close
  • ' NavMonPc 1.00 Jan 25, 2010
    • Fixed a math overflow bug in the RapidAIS license calculations (new licenses are required)
    • Trapped failure to launch email application, alternate info screen now displayed
  • ' NavMonPc 0.78 Jan 20, 2010
    ' * Added RapidAIS (requires license)
    ' * Added TCP/IP Server
    ' * Added "Priority" NMEA output routing option
    ' * Added SplashScreen on program start
    ' * Added Serial Port "Transmit Flow Meters"
    ' * AIS target info screens (Class-A and -B) now allow MMSI to be copied (and pasted into another application)
    ' * Added checksum test for RapidAIS (in case checksum test is disabled in main program).
    ' * Tray icon, "minimize to tray" features removed (again) -- still seems to contribute to crash.
    ' * AIS target list is now alpha-sorted
    ' * Added "A, B, C, D" meaurement definitions on Vessel Data screen
    ' * Improved serial and network client reconnect
    ' * Fixed Vport controls bug (were double-instantiated)
    ' * Fixed "read config file, file not found"
    ' * Fixed Serial Port, Network Port, other combobox size problems
  • Versions 0.70 - 0.77: test only
  • ' NavMonPc 0.69 Nov 14, 2009
    ' * Added option to highlight freshly-updated AIS targets (see AIS "Target Filter")
    ' * AIS alarm-level targets are now always displayed, regardless of any filters
    ' * Removed some debug items from menu

  • ' NavMonPc 0.68 Nov 13, 2009
    ' * Added "minimize to task bar"
    ' * Using great-circle calculations for coastline chart and vessel tracks
    ' * Using G-C calculations for vessel positions
    ' * Improved AIS alarm muting
    ' * Serial ports A,B,C,D: added Databits, Parity, Stopbits options
    ' * Changed Serial Port A, B, C, D config screens, top-line menu.

  • ' NavMonPc 0.67
    ' * Fixed AtoN Name decoding
    ' * Cleaned up MagVar option selection UI
    ' * Dial max/min values are saved on shutdown, restored on startup
    ' * Window Options added: "Minimize on start" checkbox, "Small Window" button
    ' * Fixed "no digit after decimal point" NMEA parsing bug
    ' * Cleaned up menu/dial name matching

  • ' NavMonPc 0.66 Oct 19, 2009
    ' * fixed v0.65 NMEA advanced routing bug
    ' * Default routetable now turns off echo on serial ports
    ' * Added receive data monitor to virtual port config screen
    ' * Fixed GPS Status displays

    • Known Bug: The names of the Aids to Navigation (AtoN) are incorrectly decoded. Fixed in next revision. I finally got some test data for AtoN.
  • ' NavMonPc 0.65 Oct 10, 2009
    ' * True Wind calcs now are "Ground-referenced" (SOG/COG/HDG/AWA/AWS) and "Water-referenced" (STW/HDG/AWA/AWS)
    ' * Fixed the bug in SOG, STW parsing where speed < 1.0 shows as 0 -- all NMEA parsing, in fact

    • Known Bug: "GPS Status" indicator on Status screen is broken -- always displays "Good". The "GPS Source" indicator will still tell you if there is a big problem.
    • Known Bug: NMEA message echo to output ports is broken in some cases. This only occurs when the advanced NMEA message routing has been activated, with the normal “default-only” routes the program performs as it should. The symptom is that any NMEA message with a route-table entry (msg hdr / source port) will not be echoed to any output port, regardless of the output settings.
  • '' NavMonPc 0.64
    ' * Virtual Ports (A, B, C) now work as inputs. They are polled once a second, as I still can't get the Vport events to work.
    ' * Fixed bug in GPS Data display, where Day/Month were occasionally being swapped. Now displays as MM/DD/YYYY
    ' * Added "Use STW" option for true wind calculations. Default is to use SOG. See "General Options".
    ' * AIS alarm/caution display filtering no longer hides Anchor, Waypoint, or MOB targets.

  • ' NavMonPc 0.63
    ' * Added NMEA input port # prepending option to NMEA logfile write, and port # substitution to NMEA file playback (see Logging Options)

  • ' NavMonPc 0.62
    ' * Fixed TWD calculation when using TWA and HDG (subtracted HDG from TWA instead of adding it)
    ' * Fixed clMwv.Tws function
    ' * NMEA class variable updates no longer write cINVALID (or cINVALIDstr) data to storage, instead lets old data persist until 10-second timeout erases it.
    '    Data also has individual 10-second timeouts.
    ' * Fixed True Wind dial configuration string
  • ' NavMonPc 0.61
    ' * Fixed Serial Port A/B/C/D configuration file bug -- parameters were not being restored on program start.
    ' * Added "Options / Small Window" which resizes program window back to original small size.
  • ' NavMonPc 0.60 - (0.54 becomes 0.60) Enough changes since 0.53 to call for a new version number
  • ' NavMonPc 0.54
    ' * fixed HDM mag to true calculations -- result >= 360 deg due to no mod360
    ' * HDG message - allow magvar from other sources to fill in for missing HDG magvar (HDG Mag-true conversion now done in "Timer" module)
    ' * Dropped "Target" prefix on initial AIS target display (pre- name-availability)
    ' * Added SAR aircraft to AIS (probably want to re-scale speed vector)
    ' * Added AtoN (Aids to Navigation) AIS support - untested, no AtoN data available
    ' * Added Target Boatspeed ($PSILTBS) to Speed dial and spreadsheet log
    ' * Added Own Ship, SAR and Class-B specific info screens
    ' * Drop-down AIS target selector now only shows filtered targets
    ' * AIS mouse target-select now only selects visible filtered targets
    ' * Port filtering and routing for NMEA messages
    ' * Major rework of on-screen log, spreadsheet log
    ' * Changes windspeed, angle dials so TWS and TWA are black, AWS and AWA are blue