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Four Fathom Marine Technology

Other stuff I am doing. Some free, some commercial.


My Boat


NMEA / Networking / Virtual Serial Port Utilities

  • GpsGate - Very reasonably priced, provides Virtual Serial Ports, networking, GPS and AIS filtering, and Garmin USB protocol support (with this you can connect your Garmin handheld GPS to NavMonPc).
  • Siitech AIS Server - NMEA networking client/server program. Ais ServerLite is free. I use this and it has been very stable.
  • AIS Dispatcher - AIS networking program.


Charting and Display Programs

  • Expedition - Not cheap, but very powerful with excellent racing tools and weather routing capabilities. I use this on my boat
  • SeaClear - Free, basic charting, AIS
  • OpenCPN - Free, charting, open-source, AIS
  • CapCode - Free software suite for sailors, good race tools.


AIS Websites

  • - Probably the best-connected worldwide AIS display website
  • - San Francisco area AIS display, with AIS annotation of real-time webcam
  • - Send these folks your AIS feed, and get access to worldwide AIS data in real time
  • ITU Search for Ship Particulars - This will search the International Telecommunications Database