NavMonPc now has the ability to provide menus, prompts, etc, in languages other than English. There is a file located in the Application Data/NavMonPc directory called "Translations.txt". This is a simple tab-delimited textfile that contains all (or almost all) the text strings used in NavMonPc. Here are the first few lines of this file:

'English Language 2 Language 3
About $About #About
(Units In Meters) $(Units In Meters) #(Units In Meters)
° Port $° Port #° Port
° Stbd $° Stbd #° Stbd

Obviously, these aren't valid translations here -- I have just added the "$" and "#" characters for testing purposes. In practice, all columns after the first (English) will be replaced with the translated text. NavMonPc supports up to twenty different languages, but this can be easily be expanded if it should become necessary.

To create a language entry it is probably easiest to read the "Translations.txt" file into a spreadsheet, and do the editing there. The text strings are in semi-alphabetical order, but this is not necessary.The first line is particularly important. This holds the language names, and must begin with an apostrophe (" ' ") character. No other lines may begin with an apostrophe. Replace "Language 2" or "Language 3", or add a fresh column.I have tried to eliminate duplications and unnecessary characters, but there are still areas where the text could be cleaned up.

Many of the text strings are abbreviations, and the translation will need to be equally short to fit in the available screen area. In almost all cases there is little room available for text strings, so please be sure you keep this in mind when translating. Let me know if there are particularly difficult translations and perhaps I can expand the display area in those cases. Some of the translations may require context -- please let me know where more information is needed.

Once you have a translation ready to test, save it as a tab-delimited text file in the Application Data/NavMonPc directory. Run NavMonPc, and open the "Options / General Options" window. There you will see the language names from the first line of the translation file. Select your language and exit NavMonPc. The next time you start NavMonPc, the translations will be used. If there is no Translation.txt file, NavMonPc will display in English.

Please send me your translations! I will include them in the next NavMonPc update, and make the file available for direct download.